Monday, July 6, 2009

veggies and csa

Still falling behind in our vegetable consumption, Jonna and I are working hard, finding and trying new recipes with all our fresh vegetables. Last week we combined our supply and made a type of pasta with our veggies. The pasta was flavored like various vegetables also - the only one I can remember is beets - but it didn't really taste like anything but standard pasta. While we boiled the pasta, during the last few minutes we added chopped chard and then drained the pasta. Once drained we added garbanzo beans and cheese. It was very cheesy and yummy. Not a bad last minute idea of fresh vegetables for dinner.

This past Monday we decided to cook a Turkey roast and also make squash casserole. The squash casserole was a recipe from my mom that I've seen her make many times, and is amazingly gooey and delicious. This was the first time I tried to make it myself, with the help of Jonna (of course!) Again we combined our squash, zucchini and hybrid squashes and cooked the rest of the ingredients. (Stuffing, carrots, yummy sour cream, cream of mushroom mixed sauce). Dinner was completely amazing, and there was so much squash casserole left over. I brought a bunch home to share, which Evan ate immediately. And I also was able to enjoy for lunch at work. Its been a lot of fun trying new recipes with all kinds of veggies. I'm excited that we have many more weeks to share!

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