Friday, July 17, 2009

pottery returns

After a few weeks break, and a move from Union Station back to Eastern Market - Eastern Market Pottery was ready to open in the new studio for classes. Jonna and I carried our giant gray bins with really heavy clay on the metro and to the studio. It was very tiring and I managed to bruise my right arm, it was pretty uncomfortable, and it kind of made me look like a drug addict - classy. So it had been a few weeks since my last attempt and I was really out of practice and my throwing didn't go so well. The only thing I really managed to do was center my clay without much difficulty. Everything else, well I made a huge mess :) I know I'm still learning, and I'm not really frustrated. I was mostly tired that night and gave up shortly after 9pm. I think that we are going to sign up for another session so I will get more practice, but most importantly I'm having fun!

Other classmates have been more than willing to help me, which I really appreciate. What I'm mostly stuck with now is figuring out how to properly place my hands to create the movement and positions I need to make a decent pot (and not just these little random cup/bowl things). I have the basic idea down, I just need to feel it happen while I'm working on the wheel. Until then, I enjoy making a giant clay mess, and Jonna enjoys playing with the clay and marking my arms while I'm not paying attention. The metro ride home is always fun as we're covered in clay.

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