Wednesday, July 1, 2009

have fatty

After the many months of going to the gym, eating consistently and often - lots of yummy foods - I have finally gained weight! This past month I gained 10 lbs - to be exact !

I haven't weighed over 100 lbs since I first started reeling from the effects of Crohn's in summer of 2003. This is a huge deal for me - and I'm really excited! I'm hoping to continue to gain 5 - 10 more lbs within the next few months, but this is a huge step for me. I'm around 106lbs and fluctuating to 107-08, so I know more gain is possible. Also, I have a new GI doctor who has been really helpful and I'm really happy that the meds I'm on now seem to be helping a lot!

ps. Thanks to everyone who has supported me and helped me reach this initial goal! (Jonna - I love your cooking and I will always eat your foods!) <3

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