Friday, January 15, 2010

dinnars with jonna

Before I had class 3 times a week, and much more free time, Jonna and I used to cook dinner together. Mostly, Jonna cooks and she instructs me, and then we eat! We decided to try making dinners together more often, even despite my class schedule. It was easier this week because class hadn't started yet! We made chicken breasts stuffed with a cream cheese and pesto mix (she made little pockets in the chicken, which we found incredibly funny for some reason. It was like a boob job for a chicken!), acorn squash with butter and real vermont maple syrup, garbonzo bean salad and homemade applesauce (made by Jonna's mom). We also watched Harry Potter and relaxed. I was incredibly stuffed!

For Christmas I had gotten this neat Hot Chocolate Cakes in a mug for Jonna. We decided to bake them that night too! They were tiny and quick to make. There were also little marshmallows to put on top, but we successfully burnt them. They tasted nasty anyway, really nasty, so it was probably for the best. The cake however was hot chocolaty and delicious. We added whipped cream and cream cheese frosting for additional delicious fun :)

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