Thursday, January 21, 2010

maps show you where to go

So Brie and her friend Eric decided they were going on a trip. Brie says to me, "you should come!" and just like that (well, in my mind anyway. Deciding to go on this trip took a lot more planning and approval) I bought my ticket and will be headed to Barcelona and Morocco February 11th - 21st!!

Brie and Eric have done most of the planning, which I am incredibly grateful for. I am going to miss a week of class, but have been doing homework double-time to make up for the time I will be away. We will be staying at hostels and traveling all around, and taking lots and lots of pictures. There will be 5 of us total.

This is a brief rundown of the itinerary:

2/11 : Fly to Barcelona

2/12: Barcelona

2/13: Barcelona

2/14: Night in Marrakech: Equity Point

2/15: Marrakech

2/16: Spend the day in Meknes

2/17: Depart via train 7:15 to Fés, night in Fés

2/18: Fés

2/19: Depart via train 6:50, arrive Tangiers, night in Tangiers: Riad Dar Jameel

2/20: Tangiers, depart via overnight train, arrive Marrakech

2/21: Home!

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