Tuesday, January 19, 2010

master spy

Despite not feeling well Monday, I forced myself up and out of bed and went with Jonna and Lindsay to the Spy Museum. I had been a few years ago, but it was both their first times. It was pretty empty considering it was a holiday, so we definitely lucked out. Since taking my museum studies class, I tend to look at museums a bit differently now. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing, but Lindsay and Jonna thought what I had to say and share was interesting, so I'll go with good. There were a lot of neat spy tools and information. It's pretty scary thinking that gadgets and people like this exist. For a while I think it made me feel paranoid, but we played like we were spies and I think that's the point. To be master spies for a day!

The most interesting part was probably the information from the Cold War. Everything was about being a spy to society, so it was found everywhere; movies, tv, consumer goods, toys, etc. I wonder if that made it easier or more difficult to do their job since the idea was so public. It was also fun to decipher messages, I like the hands on exhibits best. Jonna and I also had to identify who was dressed up as a secret spy! It only took us 2 tries to get the right person.

Living near DC I really should get out to the museums more often. I need to do it instead of just say it.. who's with me? Any interest in exploring the local museums and monuments? Free and fun for rainy days :)

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