Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Apparently this is the first year that George Mason offered a winter graduate reception. I decided I would go because, why not? Unfortunately, this stupid reception was scheduled for a Monday night from 4-530pm. Thanks George Mason for scheduling this event at the most inconvenient time ever.

Luckily, Stephanie offered to pretend to be my family and join me at the event. Dave had also graduated and he had decided to check out the event too. I'm not sure if I convinced him to go, but I was glad that he and Angie came. There was a lot of food and people at the reception. They had alumni pins for the graduates, and that was it. GM encourages all its graduates to participate in the spring ceremony for graduation, which I haven't decided yet if I'll go. I hope to have my glorious diploma in my hands before then anyhow. The President and Provost gave nice little speeches, and we wished there was alcohol available to really enjoy the reception, hehe. Afterward Stephanie and I had a mini-celebration. There will be more celebrating after the holiday season!! Until then, I'm DONE. :D

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