Thursday, December 30, 2010

zoo lights

Throughout December, the National Zoo set up lights and scenes throughout the park. Stephanie called me up and we decided to meet up on the metro and check them out!

It was bitter cold and I was glad to have toe warmers on (birthday present from dad!). Some of the buildings were open, but since it was late a lot of the animals were sleeping. We were able to see more of the reptiles than the mammals and Stephanie made me go into the petting zoo. It smells too terribly, I hate going there. But, I did survive. They did have an alpaca named Ziggy, which I laughed at because it's the nickname for my 8 yr old nephew!

We received light sticks that blink various colors and proceeded to play with them throughout the rest of the zoo and on the metro ride home. My favorite part, besides the sticks, was the dancing trees! So talented those trees with lights. I was impressed by the many animals and scenes that were created with lights. Despite the cold we had a lot of fun exploring the zoo at night. The only disappointment was that the invertebrate exhibit wasn't open. That building has THE creepiest animals alive. For some reason it's my favorite part!! It just means we'll have to go again, but probably closer to spring when it's warmer.

I put all my pictures from the zoo lights in my gallery.

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