Monday, January 31, 2011

christmas in january

Southwest airlines offers the best prices for air fare and occasionally the deals are just too good to pass up. Thus (hehe), I bought tickets to Boston to see my bestests and their families. My plane ride to Boston was one of the most fun times on a plane that I've ever had. For some reason it took a really long time to board the plane, we ended up leaving 30 minutes late. But I didn't even realize it until we were mid flight. I love Southwest because you can sit anywhere. I tend to look for people that aren't scary, aren't children, and don't smell. I managed an aisle seat across from a 20-something guy and a guy that looked like my roommates boyfriend (familiar face and not creepy). As I waited patiently reading my nook, another 20-something guy sat in front of me and apparently knew the guy across from me. He was interested in my awesome carry on bag and told me about some living social offer that would be perfect for my hiking bag. I told him it was the best bag for traveling because it fits easily in the overhead compartment and can hold a lot of what I need. Some other guy shoved his similar bag (but not as awesome as mine) in the overhead bin next to mine and sat next to the friendly cute guy in front of me. A few minutes later, while the flight attendants were doing their usual blah blahing, the bag rolls out of the overhead bin and onto the guy in front of me! SLAM, on his head!! And in the middle of her routine on the radio the flight attendant says, "Oh. my. god. are you ok?!" Luckily it was a soft bag and he was perfectly fine, but it was hilarious. For the rest of the flight we made fun of him and chatted away about nerdy fun topics, like video games! The flight went so quickly thanks to great entertainments of fellow passengers. The flight home was not nearly as fun. The only good thing was that the flight was half empty so I didn't have anyone sitting next to me.

Nora and Ziggy greeted me at the airport and we headed to their new home! There is SO much snow in Boston, it was amazing. Dave, Amy, Mike, and the kids were at the house already waiting for us to arrive. We ordered giant pizzas for dinner and after we decorated cupcakes to celebrate my birthday! Nora bought little party favors and sprinkles too. Everyone sang happy birthday! and ate cupcakes (mostly just the frosting). We spent the night doing adult chatty things and Dave made us watch a show about repo men and Gabriel Inglesias on comedy central WHO is one of the funniest comedians ever. He's like a cross between the stay-puff marshmallow man and a chipmunk, if you ever get the chance to hear him, DO IT. We all laughed so ridiculously much.

We spent Saturday at the Boston Science Museum running around with the kids. Since I'm a big kid like James, we had lots of fun. There were dinosaurs, xrays, lightning storms, made up mini museums, and learning. We had to leave early for Ziggy's basketball game and went back to Nora's before we had dinner at a family style Italian restaurant. Sooo much food it was delicious. After dinner we had Christmas! Nora and Amy theme shopped for me and gave me baking supplies. Amy had filled out a recipe book with all her best baking recipes, and gave me a deep dish pie pan, with pie weights, and shield. Nora coordinated a cupcake apron, baking sheet, brownie pan, and cupcake pan! I think more time will have to be spent baking delicious treats! That night once the kids were asleep we forced the boys to watch awesome girlie movies with us (Pride and Prejudice - the short version, and Princess Diaries 2 - which I didn't realize Chris Pine was in - hot!) while eating baked pears (which I now have the recipe for). Sunday we hung around the house before it was time to go our separate ways. It's always easier to leave knowing that I'll see them again soon, and much sooner than last time. Mid-March is Nora's baby shower in Albany :) I hope Southwest will have more great deals (and fun passengers) for my trip upstate.

More pictures here!

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