Sunday, June 26, 2011

dadds new location

Dad and I made a deal, so brother and I drove up to Jersey late Friday night to help him move in and get settled over the weekend. We arrived after 1am and were really, really, tired. Since it was dark we couldn't see much of the house. We took a quick tour of the inside and claimed our rooms. I was a nice dear sister and let brother have the bed. I slept on a blow up mattress, and love that almost every room has a ceiling fan with a remote control. When Trading Spaces was a big deal on TLC the designers always wanted to remove the ceiling fan. I didn't see what the big deal was, but the homeowners always stated that they were going to re-install a ceiling fan ASAP. I've never had a ceiling fan in any houses that I've lived in, but once Billy installed two in his townhouse last year, I fell in love with ceiling fans. Typically the existing fans weren't much to look at, but the designers on Trading Spaces should've just upgraded to better/quieter fans! I went to bed comfortably cool to the sounds of a whirring fan, it was wonderful.

Dad had numerous people stopping by the house early Saturday, but was nice enough to let me and brother sleep in a bit. The construction crew, cable guy, home security guy, and random guy that transported dadds motorcycle were expected throughout the day. A lot of work needs to be done on the house. The previous owners were content to let the house exist without taking care of it. Dad had every room stripped of wall paper and painted - he even got my bathroom redone at my request :) Since the house is made of birch shingles, it had to be pressure washed with a detergent before staining the house to try to protect and improve the house. He's also having the shutters repainted a dark green instead of yellow. There are numerous other tasks that he's fixing at the house, but that's most of what was happening while we were there.

Brother and I ran to the local market and picked up a bunch of food and snacks, to make breakfast and enjoy. I had brought frozen chicken divan and the ingredients needed to make a delicious crock pot chili! I figured since he'd just moved into the house his cabinets would be bare and I could help provide some food for his first week at the new house. Brother cooked some omelets (even I ate some) that were mostly delicious (they would say very delicious) before we got down to work. We unwrapped and unpacked the kitchen, family room, and dining room throughout the weekend. Brother helped dad set up the stereo, while I provided moral support from the comfy couch. We didn't do any exploring in NJ, but stayed around the house. We did take a break Saturday night to eat dinner, relax, and watch a movie. We watched Robin Hood, with Russel Crow, it was really good! Funny and quirky, much more realistic than most versions of Robin Hood. It's basically the story of how Robin Hood came to be and why. I recommend it!

Dad let us sleep in a bit again on Sunday, while the construction continued on throughout the house. We convinced brother to make more omelets (we didn't have any maple syrup left from Grandpa Barry's sugar shack to make pancakes) and got back to work. Dad was really glad for the help, and I'm really glad we were able to help get him settled. He's moved a lot the past few years and I'm sure it's significantly better to have company (and yummy food) during the process. Hopefully our next trip up will have the house and dad a bit more settled, so we can explore the town and do less work :P But even though most of the weekend was spent unpacking it's always great to get time with dad (and brother too).

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