Monday, June 27, 2011

playing in the backyard

Even though Robin had just recently moved to NYC, she was coming down to visit and get a few last minute things settled in DC. Her visit inspired a s'mores night in our backyard!

Mia offered to provide the fixins (chocolate, graham, marshmallows - of course), and Jonna and I invited people over to enjoy our yard and fire pit. Our new patio set had arrived the week before, which was perfect timing. We had a large table with chairs set up and ready for our friends. Robin, Kristen, Alicia, Ben, Stephanie, Mia, Jay, Jonna, and I enjoyed wine, snacks, and s'mores. Eventually we decided to order Thai for dinner, it was a late dinner. It seems as a group we take a long time to make a decision. But more importantly, since our house is just outside the range of various favorite delivery places, it's taking a while to find new places to order from that will leave us just as satisfied. This one was meh, as not everyone was happy with their order. (My pad thai was really yummy though, and made great leftovers) The search continues!

We were quickly able to start up a little fire in our glorious firepit, which smelled wonderfully and helped keep the bugs away. After we finished dinner we all surrounded the fire and made numerous delicious melty chocolately s'mores, mmm :P We had a deliciously fun time playing in the backyard. I'm so excited to have a house and yard where friends want to be!

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