Sunday, June 19, 2011

robin says goodbye

After living in the DC area for a few years, Robin decided it's time to move back to NYC. Her dear friends who love her (and will miss her) so very much decided to throw a surprise going away party. Alicia, Kristen, and Jonna secretly used our wine classes by Evan as a distraction from the actual purpose of getting together on Saturday. She thought we were doing a white wine and would meet up with friends afterward on H St.

Evan was nice enough to allow the girls to host Robin's party at his apartment (which Jonna and I decided he allowed because he knew that meant we would arrive early to clean his place, the bum!) Many people arrived between 7-730 before Kristen, Jay, Alicia arrived with Robin. We were all hanging out on Evan's deck and had him close the window shades in an attempt to hide. Well that didn't really work, but Robin WAS very surprised and happy. We spent a few hours at the house eating some of Robin's favorite foods, which included sushi from Cafe Asia, pizza, spinach artichoke dip, and a homemade cookie cake baked and decorated by Jonna (and a little penmanship by Alicia). After we headed to H St Country Club to play and meet up with more of Robins friends. We played a few rounds of skeeball and danced around the bar. The entire night was a lot of fun, and a good way to send Robin off to NYC. Jonna, Evan, and I left everyone at the bar sometime between 1-2am (I think) and we crashed at Evan's place for the night. Evan inhaled a GIANT piece of french bread slopped with spinach artichoke dip that was left out from earlier. He lolephanted to bed, while we laughed and eventually also passed out.

Robin will be very missed, but luckily she is only in NYC and close by for visits :)

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