Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tipsy artist

A few months ago Jen sent out an email about a Groupon for a Tipsy Artist session at a paint studio in Bethesda, MD. Barbara, Summer, Jen, and I each bought one session and were able to set a date to paint and play together!

The general idea behind the Tipsy Artist, is that while during the class you not only learn and practice the basic tips, tools, and techniques behind painting, but also drink your favorite choice of beverage at the same time! Of course, what better to combine the idea of alcohol with anything to get more business. Unfortunately since the class was in Bethesda, I wasn't able to enjoy a delicious glass of wine, but still enjoyed the class regardless. The weather was incredibly humid and stormy, but we managed to make it on time. Summer and I met up at Jen's and we carpooled over and met up with Barbara.

The studio had turned off the air conditioning for some terrible reason, it was rather humid and hot inside. We were led upstairs and instructed to enjoy ourselves and pick out a picture that we'd like to use as a template for our canvas. After much switching around and contemplation we each picked out a picture to paint. I think that we each managed to pick something that spoke to our personalities. Summer picked a picture of a tree with stars on a landscape (but picture more like monet style), Barbara picked a picture with two penguins and a little baby penguin, Jen picked a picture that was incredibly colorful and flowy (like rolling hills), and I picked a picture with flowers and the sun. The class was smaller than usual (only 2 other girls besides us), which made it significantly better. The instructor was friendly and really chatty, but it wasn't annoying. He liked to make conversation while we attempted to paint. It was incredibly relaxing and fun. We listened to music, enjoyed some snacks, and excellent company. By the end we each had a completed work of art! They weren't exactly like the original pictures we used for inspiration, but instead our own interpretation. I wish the studio were closer to home, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't sign up for another session!

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