Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mary's bridal shower

This weekend I flew up to CT for a quick trip for Mary's bridal shower. Being one of the bridesmaids, I just had to be there! My oldest cousin Rob is getting married in just 5 more weeks - and with her sisters and other bridesmaids, we threw a tropical shower for Mary.

Luckily my flight arrived in CT just after a horrible thunderstorm/tornado/hail storm hit. I had a minor delay due to weather, but otherwise didn't arrive too late. The tornado hit just near Westfarms mall, and by the house I grew up in. Luckily, my aunts house in Bristol was okay and we didn't lose power. Which is really good considering all the people that were staying at her house, and there were 30,000+ other people who were 2-3 days without power in CT.

Saturday was the big day and the ladies were up very very early. Grandma, mom, and aunt Laura were busy busy running around and getting ready for the day. Aunt Trisha and I watched Grandma's Boy with Jimmy. We were so helpful :) I did wrap all the presents, and decorated them with bows and colors, so I wasn't completely useless. We waited for Jen and Jill to arrive and we had the boys help us pack the cars and we were off to the shower in Enfield. Mary's sisters had set up most of the tent and tables before we arrived. There were leis for each guest, and many paper umbrellas and tropical flowers. Mary arrived just over an hour later and was extremely excited and nervous. The food we served were all of Marys favorites - Chinese food and BBQ pulled pork. With many tropical sides. Aunt Laura and mom made one of Mary's favorite drinks - Pimms. Once everyone had some food, it was time for Mary to start opening her presents. She had a lot, and it was going to take a while! But for entertainment - I handed out handmade bingo cards for everyone to play along as Mary opened her presents. Many guests had bingo and won prizes, and Mary's sisters handed out pieces of cake as she opened more and more. Once she was finally done opening presents, we had one more game to play! The 20 questions game. My aunt Laura helped me ask Rob a series of questions and Mary had to guess how Rob had answered them. For each one she got wrong, she had to chew a piece of gum. By the end, I think she got 7 wrong - and she had a giant wad of gum in her mouth! Always fun to torture the bride :)

The boys arrived to load all the presents into 2 trucks and took them home to Rob and Mary's apartment. The rest of the weekend we spent relaxing and enjoying the warm and sunny weather. I even got to have a quick breakfast with Kathy and her husband before I hopped a plane back to VA. Only 5 more weeks until I fly back up for the wedding!

More tropical bridal shower pictures here!

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