Friday, August 21, 2009

have new roommate

After over a month of searching, I finally have found someone to replace Evan. It worked out well, since Evan had the bar exam late in July and I was in CT the beginning of August for my cousins wedding, we both weren't ready for any form of moving at the apartment. Susan is a law student (replacing one for another!). She transfered from Case Western in Ohio to George Washington. She had to move in by August 15th, from Ohio and through multiple emails back and forth we worked it all out and she moved in. We'd never met before which is a little nerve wracking, not to mention I haven't lived with another female in about 3 years, but I've been incredibly lucky!

Susan and I get along really well, and she even loves my demonic kitten. We've already watched multiple movies together and had chatting sessions and I couldn't be happier. Since the school year has started we've both been incredibly busy but I'm hoping everyone will get to meet Susan soon and like her as much as I do!

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