Friday, August 28, 2009

have sicky

I wasn't feeling the best the day after the winery visit. I figured it was due to my being outside in the rain and rested all day Sunday hoping it would pass. Susan and I watched, many many many movies and relaxed. Monday I still felt under the weather, but trudged on. Tuesday, my throat felt like it was on fire and by the evening my head had joined in the pain. I decided, while awake at 4am having yet to fall asleep thanks to my sore throat and congested ears that I wasn't going to work the next day. I thought, I can beat this! Just give me one day to rest. I rest, take drugs and attempt to nap and by 8pm Wednesday night, I had a fever of 100.7. This is a big deal because my normal temperature is lower than 98.6, typically I fall between 96 and 97. It might explain why I'm always cold, who knows. So I tell Zach to cover my early shift and make an appointment with the doctor. By the time morning rolls around, I now also have an infection in both my eyes. The doctor tells me, I have an ear infection, sinus infection, eye infection and I'm very contagious. But, my throat at least looked alright, even despite the continued pain. Antibiotics and some eye drops later, I watch a movie with Susan and nap. (It's a theme, me and Susan watching movies). I wake up about 3 hours later, and I can't see. WHY - oh because I'm allergic to the eye drops. I looked like I had been beat up and my eyes were incredibly swollen. I should have taken a picture, but I couldn't really see anything so I didn't want to move. Varun came to my rescue and stopped by with some Benadryl, and it took until Saturday afternoon before my eyes looked normal.

I'm finally feeling better. I'm about 90%. Not quite 100%, but definitely on the way. I hate antibiotics because they also irritate my crohns so it's a mess for my entire body for at least the next few weeks. Despite all that, I do feel pretty good though. I'm on the mend :) The only thing that really sucked, besides missing 3 days of work for nothing enjoyable at all, was I didn't get to enjoy my last week of freedom before class started. An abrupt end to summer fun.

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