Thursday, August 20, 2009

little big planet

Little Big Planet is a video game available on PS3 that most people have played, or at least have heard of. It's filled with many levels and puzzles to solve, characters to transform and levels to create and publish. Soon Sony will be releasing a new edition called Little Big Planet Game of the Year Edition. (This is an article about the details and release) It's always exciting to await a new game release, especially one as fun and entertaining as this game is. What's even more exciting, and brag worthy is what will be included in this edition.

Sony selected 18 fans from around the globe to create a level that will be published in the release of this game. One of those 18 fans happens to be my best friend Amy's husband, Mike Niggel. He had been working on a secret project for I think the first 5-6 months of this year, but Amy and Mike couldn't share the details. All we knew was that they were both very excited! Finally, finally they were able to tell about the project and Mike's contribution to Little Big Planet. Sony approached him because they liked the 2 levels he had created and shared on his own time. I'm proud and excited to brag about Mike and the level he created for the world to explore and play on a licensed product. :)

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Seantaku said...

Wow that's really cool! I love LBP.

Do you have a PS3?