Friday, August 7, 2009

return to pottery

I took a two week hiatus from pottery, mostly due to life! I had a few people stop by to see the apartment one week and then the week after I was in CT for the wedding. The week and Saturday session preceeding I was having a bit of a difficult time throwing and manipulating the clay. My hands weren't doing what I wanted them to do, and everything was falling apart. I tried to watch others and figure out the techniques I was missing. I was a little frustrated, but still determined to practice and have fun!

The last session of pottery finally turned around for me! There are a few new students in our class, and this new lady (can't remember her name) was watching me and suggested I try using a different tool for pulling. I was trying to make some sort of planter, but it was too thick and the outside was ribbed and uneven. I don't like using my fingers to pull because it ends up being very uneven, and I usually make one part too thin and it falls apart in a gooey clay mess! I've been trying to use a little sponge with my fingers to pull instead, which was working a little better. It was still ribbed and uneven, but it was starting to look a little more like I was envisioning. So the lady was watching me and suggested I try using this flat silver thin metal to pull. I immediately liked using this way better, and I was able to successfully throw 2 pots! One I hope will be a planter, and the other is a plate. A plate that looks like a frisbee! I'm very very excited for the plate, and I hope it turns out ok.

Everyone was teasing me and asking where these sudden skills came from - I have no idea - but I hope I continue to improve! I will probably be trimming a lot tonight and not throwing anything new, but I'm excited!

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