Wednesday, September 23, 2009

have IT superhero

Jason decided to take a road trip home to his dad's in the Buffalo, NY region. Which is awesome for me because I'm en route! And now that I work part time, I was available to have lunch with Jason on his way up to Buffalo and dinner with him on his way back down to Durham.

On Wednesday September 16th, Jason showed up around 1:30pm and I decided that we were going to Earl's for lunch. Earl's is THE best place for sandwiches and I hadn't been in a long time. I had my usual, The Louie - which is fresh roasted turkey with lettuce, tomato, and a pesto mayo sauce, slightly grilled and delicious, with a side of fries. Jason had the bbq pork sandwich, which I've never had, because I always get the same thing. I know other people have had it, my brother who inhaled it in I think 3 bites, and loved it. The weather was mild and sunny so we ate outside and chatted. I hadn't seen him since my trip in May, so I was very excited to get some quality time! Once we were finished Jason went on his way, and I headed to campus for homeworks and class (less fun).

And then, on Tuesday September 22nd, Jason showed up around 5:30pm and I was in the process of cooking a delicious dinner for us to enjoy. I made a pork tenderloin that had been marinaded in balsamic vinegar and some herbies of choice, broccoli and garlic pasta shells. It was delicious! We also enjoyed home made brownies (amy's recipe) and I sent Jason on his way home with some freshly made banana bread. Yay for visits, even if they're short, I'll take seeing my friend and getting hugs any day I can!!

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