Friday, September 18, 2009

weight +15

So since June I have gained about 15 lbs. This. Is. Awesome!!!

Since apparently my weight has decided to continue to increase (lately I've been +16/17), I've had to adjust my work out routine to include running - which I HATE. So, I'm thinking maybe instead I will try the elliptical or biking. Besides, I've been told running is bad for females anyway. (and boring)

Also, since gaining weight, besides finding that my clothes now fit me significantly better than ever before, I've been feeling really good! My crohn's has been behaving, and I've been doing really well on my medication. Its been about 2-3 weeks since I've had ANY pain or significant problems (knock on wood). Oh and amazing, I just realized!! I didn't see my doctor AT ALL the entire month of September! This is the first month in over a year I haven't had to see my doctor. This makes me incredibly happy :)

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