Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few weeks ago, before I was sick and before school started and stole every second of my free time.. Jonna and I baked stuffed tomatoes!! We had been getting tons of tomatoes each week from our CSA and decided to try some new recipes. And of course, we are running behind on the veggies and have mountains of them in the fridge. Jonna also made homemade tomato soup, and not being a fan of tomato soup I have to say, it was really really good. So now, the only time I will eat tomato soup is if Jonna makes it!

For the stuffed tomatoes, we used ground chicken, rice, pieces of the tomato we hallowed out, peas, onion and garlic as the stuffing. And on top of the tomatoes we put breadcrumbs, olive oil and cheese. It was deliciously amazing!! I'm having a lot of fun trying new recipes, they have all been incredibly delicious.

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