Sunday, January 2, 2011

birthday 28

Having my birthday on New Years Eve is interesting. Besides getting combined or leftover Christmas presents, it's a day that everyone celebrates. I decided that this year I would celebrate my birthday and that's it. There may just also happen to be a new year or change in date, but I'm going to ignore that and just celebrate my birthday. Screw you new years, it's my birthday!

I enjoyed my morning being lazy and making a delicious breakfast. I watched a few episodes of BSG (recent obsession, currently at the beginning of season 4) and got ready for the day. I wore my new blue dress and new boots! that dad bought me for Christmas. I met up with Jen for lunch at Sweet Green, yummm, and we did some shopping. I found the perfect cardigan at Mustard Seed to go with my pink dress (also Christmas present from dad), and am very excited to wear it soon. Jen had given me the perfect birthday card, a giant cupcake birthday balloon, AND a birthday sash! Now if only I had remembered to bring my birthday girl crown..

After lunch I went to Tywanna's apt to continue celebrating my birthday. Tywanna and Jeff had tons of snacks and made a gigantic delicious dinner. To top it all off we had tasty champagne and a magnificently scrumptious birthday cake - made with love by Tywanna. The SyFy channel was continuously showing Twilight Zone episodes, so we watched that for most of the night. We also played a new card game (to me) called Aquarius! Which was a lot of fun. I won numerous rounds, which rocked. It must have been birthday luck.

I had a great birthday! I had so many friends and family wish me a happy birthday all day long I felt very loved and happy. I'm incredibly spoiled and I'll take it! The rest of the weekend I crashed at Tywanna's apt and we relaxed, napped, snacked, and watched many movies. The first weekend of the year should be lazy and amazing. Doesn't compare to last year, but it was still a great birthday celebration and start to 2011!

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