Saturday, May 2, 2009

from VA to MD to VA

Besides being in incredible pain this past weekend, I was very busy Saturday! Most of the day I did however, lay around and watch numerous episodes of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, season 1. - Why watch this show? Well yes, I did in fact always make fun of Nick for watching this show. The previews for this show seemed lame and incredibly stupid - until one day Evan tells me he's watching it, and that he actually really likes it. So now I'm thinking, well crap. Evan and I have very similar tastes in entertainment and if he likes it, then I have to give it a shot. So now I am addicted and finished season 1 by Monday and have started watching episodes of season 2, as reward for my hard work! Anyway - first April was having a pre-cinco de mayo BBQ celebration at her and Keala's apartment. Jonna and I stopped by there for a short while. There was tons of food and people and the ridiculousness was just beginning but unfortunately I had to leave early because I had to make my way to Gaithersberg MD for a secret plan. But I knew I'd be back.

I drove what seemed like FOREVER - into Maryland. May 7th (yesterday) was my old roommate Mark's 25th birthday. His girlfriend Emily arranged a surprised party at her parents house in MD and gathered a bunch of friends to come celebrate. I was very excited because, I had never met Emily before and she found me using stealth ninja skills on facebook and emailed me inviting me to Mark's party. Oddly enough, the night before (230am) Mark called me drunk, not a-typical of him to do and for some reason I always tend to answer, and we were chatting while he was walking home. He kept telling me we have to hang out, not knowing I would see him the next day! He was very surprised to see his friends (and me!) and celebrate his early birthday. I hung out with him and friends (and lance bear!) for a while before a group of us decided to head back down to VA (civilization).

I stopped back at April's on my way home to check in on the status of that party. And no surprise, everyone was rowdy and fully enjoying themselves. I played there for a while, ate a yummy cupcake (that I brought!), watched Drew fall over and Leo steal his chair, watched the end of the basketball game and decided to head home and get some rest (still hadn't been feeling the best). I'm really glad I was able to make it to both events!

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