Friday, May 8, 2009


Ever since the Hartford Whaler's left Hartford, CT many years ago, I gave up on hockey. My beloved team was taken away and I was very sad. My dad had taken my brother and me to many games when we were kids, so it was very disappointing not to have games to go to anymore. And then there was this whole strike thing? I don't really know, I had turned my back on hockey!

Apparently we are currently in playoff season for hockey. The only reason I know this is because now I live in a place that has a professional hockey team, and many fans. Specifically, the Gardner family. I have seen many hockey games the past few weeks - more than I've seen in years! Sunday afternoon Jill and Brett hosted a BBQ at their condo. It was a pot luck and everyone brought something yummy to share (I brought Edys Popsicle! It was very hot and NOT raining) This past Monday the entire Gardner family (all donned in Caps gear and mohawks sprayed red on Peter and Aaron) - invited a group, Sarah, Mike, Leigh, Nick, Andy, to Union Jacks (Caps bar) to watch the game and snack. We also ended up playing trivia for a few rounds - team name Hooray for everything! Then Wednesday night Jill and Brett hosted another hockey night at their condo, pot luck style! Andy, Matt, Alan, Alex, Alana, Leigh and I joined Jill, Brett and the kids to cheer on the Caps. I brought home made strawberry shortcake (forgot whipped cream) but it was still really delicious! Tonight I believe is game 4, and again!! Jill and Brett invited a group out to Union Jack's to cheer on the Caps! Unfortunately I can't join them tonight, I really should maybe get some work done on my final - running out of time!

But it would seem, despite my rejection of hockey many years ago, the Gardners are slowly bringing me back into hockey! And I have to say, while watching the games I remember why I did love hockey. Mostly the slamming and fighting aspects, of course. But it's pretty exciting when the Caps score :P So although I won't be making it out tonight - I will be with you all in spirit! Go Caps!!

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The Gardner Family said...

YAY... so glad we could bring you back :)

Even if the Caps aren't around to cheer for right now :(