Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i are smrt

I received my final grade for my Study of Writing and History class.

I'd like to explain this semester before I share my final grade. This semester was more difficult than the previous 3. For various reasons, but specifically because this class involved studying a few basic theories of history. It was really difficult for me to interpret these theories of specific great historians and theorists. I had to meet with my professor on 2 occasions to catch up and understand what she was talking about in class. I had barely expected and hoped to receive a B- maaaaybe B for the class. After my midterm I knew I had 4 more papers and my final research paper to complete, and that if I worked really hard, I hoped to get a B.

Well apparently I rock and am incredibly smart - and also did extremely well on my last 4 papers and final because I got an A- !!! Take that theories of history, I understand you.

I still need to celebrate not only my acceptance and official role as Grad Student! but also, this grade I worked so incredibly hard for. I'm finally feeling better, after 2 weeks of consistent sickness and pain - and am ready to celebrate! (I did have a delicious cupcake from hello, cupcake! but that hardly counts as a real celebration)

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