Saturday, May 30, 2009

have wine

Last Saturday Jonna and I met up to take the metro to catch a bus, to the 28th annual VA wine festival. Along the way we met up with a few of her co-workers and their friends. (Lindsay and Kristin) It was an amazingly sunny and hot day, all too perfect for tasting wine. I had never been to a wine festival as large as this one, and didn't expect it to be such a gigantic drinking mess! (which I guess I should have expected) Despite the massive amounts of people who were drunk (and one who I witnessed vomiting into a garbage can) I had a lot of fun!

I blame Evan for my taste in wine, and found that I can't stand sweet wine, which includes most whites. There were a few red wines I liked, but none of which I could convince myself to buy. I did make a list of the wines I enjoyed and hope I can find them at a less expensive price locally. Jonna and I concocted wine glass holders from beads we received from one winery, which was really helpful. There were a lot of people at the wine fest, and as a result we ran into a lot of friends. Most of the time Jonna and I spent running around drinking wine and finding people! We saw April, Kaela, Leo, Varun, Juan and made new friends - and saw them around the rest of the day. We ran into Stephen and Frankie a few times, Matt, Laura, Brian and Lacy, Leigh and her cousin Lizzy were running around buying tons of wine and snacks and circled back to join with Jonna's coworkers. The sun was sooo hot - so for a while we found a place to hide on top of the hill where there was a really nice breeze under a tent!

I don't think I was prepared for the event, so next year if I go I will know better to bring blankets and tarps and snacks! But we were successful in not getting sunburnt, which we were both pleased about. I couldn't wait to get home and shower. I was so sticky from sweat and sunshine, and since it has been raining a lot recently, the ground was sopping wet and muddy which made for very dirty feet and legs. I then napped as I was tired from sunshine and filled with delicious wines <3

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