Thursday, May 28, 2009

evan esquire

Evan has finally - graduated from law school!

Since he has completed this feat, and now begins the work towards passing the bar exam (patent exam he took Monday and passed - yay Evan!) Jonna decided she wanted to try to surprise him with a nice dinner and celebration with a group of friends.

Since Evan loves to be difficult, Jonna had to reschedule the dinner plans a few times. But once we finally had a date set - reservations were made at Ray's the Steaks! Evan believed that he and I were going to Jonna's for a delicious home cooked meal (Jonna is one of the best cooks I know). Leigh, Nick, Anthony and Jonna were waiting for us at the restaurant and I was doing my best to be slow so that everyone could get there before us. The weather was very stormy and it poured for a while, and there was some time where Evan said that we probably would have to drive over. And my response, which should have been a complete give away was - just wait, maybe it'll clear. I don't typically ever walk to Jonna's, so my pushing the desire to walk, he should have known better! but luckily, he didn't. Evan was anxious and ready to walk to Jonna's because he said we had to be there at exactly 7:30pm. And it takes about 20 mins or so to get to her (now old) apartment. I told Evan that we had to stop and pick up dessert on the way, and also I had to stop at the ATM (to waste more time). Luckily everyone was on time - and Evan was very surprised when I pushed him over towards the restaurant. He didn't expect anything! He did think that maybe there'd be more people invited to dinner at Jonna's but didn't expect to go out to eat to celebrate, delicious steaks yum!

We all ate tons of meat and enjoyed a large jug of wine. Jonna had made a delicious Banana, Chocolate Peanut Butter pie - for dessert, which is just amazing. I don't typically like peanut butter with chocolate, but this pie, I can always nom! Afterwards we all joined in drinking more wine back at our apartment, and played with Balthazor, who is still just as demonic as ever. Evan had a really great time and Jonna and I are really glad that we were able to surprise him! We were like ninjas! We even had to steal his cell phone to get phone numbers of other friends from law school to invite - but unfortunately they were not able to join in. Evan was amazed at our ninja skills :)

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