Thursday, May 21, 2009

have pottery class

Finally, finally, finally - I signed up for pottery class with Jonna! It only took what, a year? Before I had the time (thanks to my break from classes!) and money to learn how to wheel and mold clay.

We only signed up for 5 weeks instead of the typical 8 because the studio will be moving back to Eastern Market and will need a few weeks to get everything set back up. I think (and hope) we will sign back up after the move. The first class was primarily getting Jonna and I set up and ready to make various objects and use the studio. We were given tools and a giant bag of clay. The instructor showed us the basics of getting the clay centered on the wheel and various methods for morphing the clay into shapes, thicknesses, heights, that we desired. Once she finished, Jonna and I were put to work. Jonna had worked with clay on a wheel before, but I had never touched or even attempted to do it before. I made a HUGE mess.

It's going to take me a while to get the techniques down before I can make anything significant. It took me most of the class to get the clay centered on the wheel - but I finally manged to do it entirely by myself (as the instructor had been helping me on the first piece I made). I was really proud of myself. I'm pretty sure that next class, it will be a challenge again, but hopefully it will take much less time to center. I did manage to make 2, things. I honestly can't tell you what they are, or what they will be. They are cylinder, and a few inches wide and tall. They are, things. It's a step in the right direction though :) I hope to take some pictures next time we're at the studio so you can see us in action!

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