Tuesday, June 2, 2009

dadds have house

Since moving to New Hampshire my dad has been renting an apartment until he could find the perfect house. We have had many phone conversations - me, dad and brother - and many links sent around looking at the various houses my dad had been considering. Most of them he was happy with, but not thrilled. He toyed with the idea of putting a bid on a few houses, but didn't last minute. I told him that he would find his perfect house, he just had to be patient! But with a looming deadline of August to move out of his apartment, I think he was concerned he wouldn't find a house in time.

Finally, he found his ideal house. He and brother went to view the house and my dad put in an offer that afternoon. A few counter offers later - and my dad is officially the owner of a gorgeous house in Portsmouth, NH.!! He doesn't move in until late summer/early fall - but he and my brother did send a long numerous pictures of the new diggs. All the stuff inside the house isn't his stuff - and there are definitely rooms that need to be remodeled, but he (and brother and I) are completely in love with this North Eastern style house! (This picture is of my dad - staring at my brother in the backyard of the house - you can just completely guess what he is about to say to my brother - this picture is hilarious!)

I posted some pictures here! and brother posted more pictures here! I can't wait to see the house and explore my dad's new town!

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