Monday, June 15, 2009


Every Wednesday from June to October, Jonna and I will receive a bundle of fresh vegetables from Waterpenny Farm. Jonna had heard from a friend about CSA shares, where local farms offer fresh produce packages weekly. Each weeks bushel varies depending on what is growing and ready to be harvested. There are more than enough veggies in each that Jonna and I split the cost and vegetables each week.

The first week we received: Russian Kale, Oregano, 2 types of lettuce, snow peas, and garlic leaves. This past week we received: more of the same from the week before, but ALSO - dill, zucchini, squash and asparagus. We haven't combined efforts to eat anything from last weeks haul, but the week before we combined the Kale with the garlic and broccoli to make a delicious green vegetable mix.

So far, I have killed the herbs. The first week I put the entire bag in the fridge, not thinking, and killed the Oregano. I tried to revive it at Jonna's, which worked for a few days, but now is completely dead. The dill was outside for too long and I also tried to revive it, but that didn't work either (other than making my kitchen smell like dill pickels). The Oregano from last week is doing OK - but I think I'm going to hang it to dry instead of trying to keep it alive. I may have better chances using it that way.

The pick up spot is a quick walk from Clarendon metro, which so far has been a nice walk back home. The only danger is that I pass Shoe Fly (shoe store) and the gelato place on my way home. Both of which are huge temptations for me to stop! :P I have plans for some of the lettuce tonight for dinner, BLTs! Yum!

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