Thursday, June 11, 2009

new ds game

Credit goes to Nick and Troy for sharing this game with me - I need it!! It doesn't release until the FALL - what will I do until then!

It's called Scribblenauts - and in this game you have to find starlites. (Almost like those stars the soot eat!) To get these stars you can write anything you want, and wait to see what happens. Watch the trailer and feel the excitement that I feel! I love my DS <3


Seantaku said...

I've read about that game. Looks pretty sweet. My DS is definitely one of my favorite purchases!

What games do you have?

heavly said...

I have a few random games -

Catz 2
Cooking Mamma
Pokemon Silver
Puzzle Quest
Professor Layton and the Curious village
Mario Cart
Animal Crossing (last 3 are borrowed games!)

Mark said...

The trailer for that looks awesome. I wonder how many things there are you can use. Try to get it down from the tree using a gun!