Tuesday, June 23, 2009

girls weekend

I took a long weekend - woo no work - and went to Vermont to visit my bestest friend Amy. Just over 2 weeks ago she and her family welcomed Claire Grace to their family. We had planned for a girls weekend a few months ago, and it was finally time to meet the baby and have quality time with my bestests. My best friend Nora came up from Alabama with her son Gregory to visit as well, and when they arrive everything was perfect.

Since Amy had just had Claire, we did a lot of relaxing and playing with the kiddos. Nora and I also tried to help out around the house and with James as much as we could. We hoped that Amy would be able to rest, as much as is possible with a newborn demanding to be fed and coddled. I arrived Friday afternoon and Amy and I waited for Nora to arrive. We played with bubbles with the kids, ate some lunch and stayed up late late. We watched Waitress and ate delicious brownie sundaes. And it's true when I say Amy makes the best brownies ever - because they are homemade and amazing!

Saturday was going to be a long day because it was also the day of Claire's christening. There would be many people and a BBQ afterwards. Gregory and I had a DS party that morning - I played Zelda and he played Indiana Jones (lego version) - we had many DS parties the entire weekend. I think I'm a pretty fun aunt :) We had to run a few errands before the christening and then everyone got dressed. Claire behaved and was very quiet during the entire baptism, and even James was good! He did try to run around and escape, but I gave him some fruit snacks and was able to keep him still for almost the entire time. He mostly enjoyed stomping on the pews and listening to his voice echo in the church. Godparents Pat and Jillian hosted the BBQ at their house and we all ate immense amounts of food, and enjoyed some of the best beer that you can't find here in VA (unless you go to Total Wine) and beer that was Pink! (gotta love Magic Hat) There was also some Rock Band and cake with giant frosted flowers. We left the BBQ to get James settled for bed, and for some more girl time. We watched Sabrina - old 1954 movie with Audrey Hepburnand Humphrey Bogart - and chatted. Have I said how much I love being with Nora and Amy?

Sunday the sun popped out for a little bit before there was a thunderstorm. It was also father's day and Amy and Mike's family stopped by for breakfast and a celebration of dadds. Pat and Jillian had given James a bubble blowing machine, which we were able to watch James and Gregory play with until it started to rain.We spent the afternoon relaxing and eating a lot of leftover food from the BBQ. We played a few games, Apples to Apples - and James was so tuckered out he fell asleep in his highchair. It was fun to play with Gregory (who will be 7 in less than a month!) because he's young and doesn't know what all the words mean, who the people are, or historical events. So it was fun to see which option he would pick for each word. He did have a hard time picking between 'magic tricks' and 'halloween' - to decide which one was the best, hehe.

Monday was our final visiting day. We were a little slow to leave the hotel, but we decided to take a tour at the Vermont Teddy Bear factory. Gregory was very excited! James is a little too young, and wanted to play with the teddy bears on display. (and Claire slept for most of the tour) I brought my teddy that I had gotten during my last trip to VT to be repaired. I had managed to rip the back of the bear open, and he needed some stitches! After the tour Gregory picked out a light colored bear and dressed him up like Indiana Jones (his current obsession). Nora and Gregory drove back to Albany from the factory, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with Amy, James and Claire. James and I colored and caused trouble before it was time to head to the airport and come home to VA. I hope that our next group visit will be soon, it was one of the best weekends I've had so far this summer!

More pictures in my gallery here!

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