Wednesday, June 17, 2009

leigh's birthday present

I'd been planning a birthday present for Leigh for at least a month, but being as busy as we are, it was difficult to set a date. Finally, finally, I was able to make an appointment for me, Jonna and Leigh on June 13th. For Leigh's (belated) birthday present we drove to southern Alexandria for pedicures. But not just ANY pedicures. Dr. Fish pedicures!!

Once we arrived (it took a good 30+ minutes) they had us sit at the fish baths and wait until we were all situated. Once we were all set and ready, they set the timer, and told us to put our feet in at the same time. Holy fish attacking our feet! It was the most ridiculous feeling, that is really difficult to describe. I think mostly it felt like a lot of tiny bubbles all around my feet. And I think I was all set and comfortable until I leaned over and realized there were fish at my feet!! They would go all over - in between the toes, under the foot, ankle, heels, arch - it was really weird! but we had a lot of fun! I definitely may have screamed with shock a few times, it's a really different concept allowing fish to chomp at me.

After we spent our 15 minutes (trust me, 15 minutes is a long time) with the fish, we were seated and had the rest of our pedicures, with warm soapy water. It was very relaxing and if they weren't so far out I'd probably go and get a pedicure done there again. Most likely not with the fish - but the standard pedicure :)

More fish pictures here!

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