Friday, June 12, 2009

more pottery

I finally brought my camera and took pictures of me and Jonna at pottery! I don't have any pictures of us making the pots because the clay is wet, and our hands, arms, everything gets covered with clay. And I did manage to get some clay on my camera, but it was worth the sacrifice! The studio is moving in the next few weeks back to Eastern Market so we have a few weeks break from pottery, but there will be more pictures once it starts back up! All these pictures are from the current studio at Union Station.

My second week of pottery was more successful than my first. First we learned how to trim our pots from the first week. We had covered them in plastic to dry a little, and then we were able to trim off the extra clay to make pieces that were more presentable. Since I still can't make level pieces, I've had to trim them upside down. I did more trimming this past Saturday, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. We had enough time to throw more pieces and I was also able to center and create pots in less time than the week before. I still need a lot of practice pulling and shaping. Since the studio is moving this weekend this past class was mostly spent playing and practicing with clay. I made a lot of ridiculous pieces, that were completely mutated, and I destroyed on purpose. (sound effects included, like explosions) I couldn't take pictures because I was covered in wet clay, literally covered. Jonna even added some clay to my arm because a spot was clean :P I was also able to glaze my first set of pots! This Thursday I should have 2 completed pieces to take home. We stopped by the studio this weekend for a few hours to finish up a few pieces before the move.

Check out the rest of the pictures in my gallery!

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