Monday, January 17, 2011

double bubble

Another weekend away, but this time I was back home in CT. My dear cousin Lisa lives in London with her fiance Mikey and took a holiday to CT for some odds and ends before their wedding in September. They will next be in the States only days before the wedding. We had to cram months of preparation and celebration in the span of 3 days. Sweet success.

I arrived at Bradley Airport to be greeted by not only a large display of Hartford Whalers gear, but also a lovely welcome sign by my aunt, uncle, and grandma. Could this bratty girl be any more loved??

The boys decided to have a bachelor party of sorts for Mikey, which included a chilly snowy day at the shooting range, lots of food and drinking afterward at Danny's house in Springfield. The girls decided (thanks to Trisha) to rent a bright pink stretch limo Escalade. We filled it up with bubbly and lemoncello and drove around the town! (Despite having an incredibly busy weekend, Brie also drove up to help us celebrate and enjoy the ridiculousness of the pink limo!) Details of bachelorette parties are never meant to be shared, but I can tell you one thing... no, not even one thing ;)

Sunday was Lisa's bridal shower, which was a bit different because having to fly back home to London, she can't really open any presents. It was a showering of giftcards! I drove to the shower with Mary, Jessie, and Jess, and we got a little lost while we chatted about. I love my ladies and was so excited to get to spend more time with them before I headed back home. My cousins have excellent ladies in their lives and I'm glad they're in mine. I was the only girl for 17 years, I love the increased female company! At the shower there were games, delicious food, Pimms, and spiced carrot cake. We played the standard shower games, bingo, what's in your purse, and made wedding gowns out of toilet paper. Trisha, Mary, Jessie, and I dressed up Maggie in a one strapped mermaid style dress, complete with accessories. Of course we won :)

After the shower we spent the rest of the evening relaxing/recovering from the weekend. I headed back to DC on Monday after a successful weekend. Next time we're all together we'll be celebrating the newly married couple!

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