Sunday, January 23, 2011

music to my ears

For my first concert at Rams Head Live - Jen and I headed up to Baltimore to enjoy and support friends in the Fishermen and Crowded Streets. Both local bands working on making a name for themselves. The Fishermen kind of remind me of Phish, occasionally they'll jam out, I highly recommend them. Crowded Streets is a Dave Matthews cover band, an excellent one at that. (If you're interested in checking them out, their next show is at the State Theater in Falls Church, VA next Thursday February 17th).

Despite some ridiculous car fire on 495, Jen and I managed to escape the traffic jam and manuveur side streets around the back up. We made it to Rams Head just in time to see the Fishermen! There was lots of dancing and silliness, and of course pictures (it's how Jen rolls). There was some sort of bad Pearl Jam cover band, a marilyn manson look alike, and lots of long haired head banging, before Crowded Streets took the stage. We ended the night to the sounds of DMB and the musical entertainment of Bruno.

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