Sunday, January 9, 2011

a jeeping we will go

Since my last trip to visit Jason was almost 2 years ago, I decided it was time to go to NC. However, he decided it was time to go jeeping in Tennessee. So after work I drove to NC, hopped into Jason's jeep and we drove to TN. Jason promised me snow, but for most of the drive we didn't see ANY snow. I was getting disappointed and shook my fist in anger, but then suddenly, it was snowing! And it was snowing a lot!!

We stayed at a creepy motel in TN and I believed we would be starring in our very own horror movie. However, we survived two nights... this time.

There were 5 jeeps and 6 people jeeping around the Callallantee trail in TN. We all met up for breakfast at McDonalds, which is usually a painful experience for me. However, the oatmeal with apples, raisins, and dried cranberries was really really yummy! And of course, I had an apple pie. Chip had to experience a McGriddle, which looked terrible and he verified tasted just as bad. But despite the interesting breakfast, we were all full and warm and ready to head into the snowy mountains.

It snowed off and on the entire day. It was one of the best days, ever. The landscape covered in a thick blanket of snow was gorgeous and calming. I really needed a weekend away and I couldn't have asked for a better view or experience. Since there was a lot of snow, most of the trails were too slick, but we attempted jeeping up them anyway. A few of the jeeps got stuck, but that just meant the boys were able to use their winches and tow ropes to pull one another out. Jason got his jeep stuck in a giant mud puddle and made a mess attempting to get out. Garland managed to get his jeep stuck on a hill, where his jeep was only being held in place by his back bumper. Otherwise his entire jeep was angled and ready to roll down. He was able to pull himself free and lower the jeep down the hill backwards. We had a delicious picnic lunch in the snowy woods and rested before taking on the mountain again. There was sammiches, delicious apples, cherries, chips, oh my! We used every ounce of daylight jeeping around the snowy mountain.

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