Monday, January 24, 2011

on top of spaghetti

Now that I have more time available (being that I'm a Master!) I decided to make a delicious dinner and invite some people over. Stephanie, Brother, and Varun ventured to my apartment for good eats and fun. I made homemade meatballs (recipe from Nora), with pasta, garlic bread, and a fresh salad (made with grape tomtoes, cucumbers, goat cheese, and balsamic italian dressing - that I made from scratch!) For dessert we had deliciously warm brownies (also from scratch) with vanilla ice cream. We were soooo stuffed, it was amazing.

It ended up turning into a Disney themed night. No one could decide on which movie they wanted to watch, so Brother put in the Lion King. It seemed fitting after all since they had just returned from their trip to Africa. After, I decided we were watching Beauty and the Beast. While enjoying Disney we also played Clue, because it seems it's the only game I own that people want to play. I know we couldn't play Scene It because we were watching movies, but I don't know why no one ever wants to play Scattergories. I decided that I'm going to buy more/new games. I think we're a little Clued-out.

Delicious food and relaxing afternoon/evening is the best way to end a weekend. I'll have to start planning more dinners.

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