Wednesday, January 26, 2011

saving brother

Brother was one of the lucky people trapped in traffic during THUNDERSNOW (hooooo!). He was working in DC on a survey with some coworkers and had carpooled in with them. For 3 hours brother patiently waited in a car in DC, while his coworker slowly moved toward VA. After about 3 hours brother decided he'd had enough. He waved farewell, wished his coworkers luck, and walked about a mile to the Foggy Bottom metro. Through snow and ice he walked from the metro to my apartment, where I had a delicious dinner ready.

I had lost power a few times at my apartment, but luckily never for very long - I think the longest was about 15 minutes. I love having a gas stove! Despite the dropping power, dinner continued to cook. I set up candles all around the apartment for the dark moments, thanks to the storm, so that we could walk around safely. I made breaded pork chops on the stove in chicken broth with mushrooms and onions, and mashed potatoes. It was SO good. I think the best batch I have ever made!

We watched The Road while eating and enjoying the storm. A few times we had to re-start the movie thanks to losing power. Brother spent the night on an air mattress because I wasn't going to drive anywhere until the next day. In the morning we woke up and played in the snow before I had to drop him off and get ready for work. It worked out well that I switched my hours for 12-5pm for that day so I could enjoy the snow. Hooray for snow days!

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